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Welcome to the Trip Reports section where you'll find more images and information about our events in detail. Information like 'what the trip is about', 'where the trip is', 'what the trip is like', according to the testimonials from previous members who went there, but we won't spoil it all for you because you need to find out for yourself!


October 17, 2019

On the first weekend of October, AUCC migrated south to the Kawerau Adventure Hub on the banks of the Tarawera river. Excitement was in the year both due to the SICK BoaterX ramp and for actually having beds and bunk rooms (Scout Hall we love u but sometimes we like to be boujie). Saturday started off bright and early with breakfast and a briefing from trip organiser and 2019 President Joshie! All teams got decked out in their...

September 17, 2019

The AUCC community is incredibly special, and that's because of you, our members.
A huge thanks to those who stepped up time and time again to make our year a success.

Here's a summary of our recent events!


- The biggest Tarawera trip I've been on, reaching 50 members, Kawerau has quickly become a main squeeze of AUCC. Running cleanly with only a few bruised bums from the hole. It was a huge effort from all our organis...

October 1, 2016

What's a canoe club without a little bit of competition? Club Champs is a fun, friendly annual competitive event which is aimed at all members no matter your experience. We already have plenty of fantastic sponsors lined up who have donated gear, vouchers, yummy food etc. Prizes will be awarded to not only the top individuals and teams but also to most improved paddlers, those with the best attitude, the most helpful people, v...

May 21, 2016

Tarawera river is a beautiful stretch of flowing water surrounded by nature, another spectacular place for beginner-training events. Our beginners trip for the first and second semester often takes place right here. Relatively calm rivers and eddies throughout make this place perfect for training beginners. Tarawera river is the next step up in learning to kayak from flat lake or pool training, to training in an actual current...

April 16, 2016

The cold, crushing, swirling and churning river is the Tongariro river. It's an event more for the adrenaline seekers of intermediate/seconder paddlers than the scenic gazers, sure there are definitely spots for scenic gazing, as Tongariro is a very scenic place, but most of the time you'll be too busy dodging rocks.

Kayaking at Tongariro is only suitable for solid grade 3 paddlers. It's long, intense, and cold. Not t...

April 8, 2016

Enjoy one of our most beautiful and serene camping lake spots our club has to offer. If you are a zen, peaceful, and tranquil kind of person, expect Aniwhenua to be one of your favourite events. The Aniwhenua event is one of our major events featuring camping and road trip from Auckland University down to the Bay of Plenty area to Lake Aniwhenua, approximately 4 hours drive down south with all our kayaking and rafting gear for...

March 25, 2016

Mohaka is a wonderland of spectacular land formations and breath-taking distant views. Enjoy one of AUCC's most scenic, mysterious, and remote trips we offer to the club, travelling to New Zealand's east central region of Hawke's Bay, to the Mohaka river. 'Enchanting' is the word many describe about this mysterious destination during the descent down the river. While kayaking or rafting, you will feel connected with nature as...

March 11, 2016

Fulljames is a full-on camp and road trip event down to the Waikato River of the north island of New Zealand. You will love the cool breeze of the NZ outskirts in nature. Not only is it one of our most party-crazed event in the entire year, but it is also an amazing event for beginner paddlers to get a taster for one of the many amazing events that AUCC offers. If you are a nature lover by day and crazy party-goer by night, yo...

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Been paddling lately? Discovered a new run? Had an awesome time? Tell us about it! We want your stories, photos, videos, comic strips, whatever! Send submissions to [email protected] with "website- trip report" in the subject line.

AUCC is a whitewater club affiliated to the University of Auckland. We are one of the oldest canoe clubs in New Zealand, tracing our history back to 1949.

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