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Gear Hire Policy

Below you can download the full Gear Hire Policy. Some of AUCC's policy regarding gear hire services has also been included on this page. AUCC's policy of lending out gear is reproduced from Appendix 2 of the AUCC constitution (Please note the highlighted text): 

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The full Gear Hire Policy can be downloaded here: 

The Gear Shed Officers are responsible for all gear. Please get in touch if you have any questions at

Personal Hire (outside of club trips) 

Applies to use of club gear outside of official AUCC trips. 

  1. Gear is requested with reasonable notice via online form accessed on AUCC website ( While we recognise advance notice is not always possible (e.g. instances of flood runs), GSOs are not able to guarantee hire requests with less than 3 days notice

  2. GSOs will request additional details if required. 

  3. GSOs will determine hire request and, if approved, provide a pickup time or access codes to the gear shed. 

On completion of hire, hiree notifies GSOs of gear return and payment, as well as any incidents or damages over the period.


Restricted Hire

Additional considerations are made for items of which significant user skill is required, are significant monetary value to the club, or requests for hire are rare. It is recommended to allow extra time for the approval of a  restricted-hire item (versus a personal hire).

Personal raft hire is requested via the online form accessed on the club website, filled out by the trip organiser. Approval is granted by RVP, RSO, or President. The details will be forwarded to the GSOs for pickup arrangements and to provide a quote. Note: A suitable safety outline is imperative to hire approval. Trip organiser is responsible for raft(s) for the duration of hire period.

Personal raft hire considers different factors to a club trip. The cost will be determined by (but not limited to) factors such as the length of the trip, number of participants, and number of days the gear is used on the trip. For clarity, the general hire price will be used as an initial guide. However, this may change depending on the context of hire.

For marquee, gazebo, or trailer hire, the interested hiree shall email the GSOs directly. Hire approval and quotes are at the discretion of the GSOs.


Payment should be made within 3 days of the completion of general, personal, restricted, or long-term hire. Failure to pay will result in refusal of future gear hire, thereby also restricting club trip attendance.


Liability for Loss or Damage of Club Gear

  1. Members:

a) AUCC will accept liability for loss or damage of club gear except

(i) when that loss or damage was the result of irresponsible or careless behaviour (such as, but not limited to, mislaying gear before or after a river trip, taking unnecessary risks on a river). In such circumstances the person(s) using the gear may be fully liable for the cost or replacement or repair.

(ii) For the avoidance of doubt, what constitutes irresponsible or careless behaviour is solely within the discretion of the Committee to decide.


(b) AUCC will accept no responsibility for the loss or damage of club gear by a member on a trip whilst paddling where that loss or damage occurred in a rapid that is more difficult than grade four, in accordance with the Safe Operational Plan. Hire for use on grade four may be subject to extra checks with the safety team and/or President, so it is advised to request gear early to avoid disappointment. 

(c) Members may be responsible for loss or damage of gear that occurs off the water, unless the loss/damage took place while the item was in transit. 


   2. Non-members 

(a) If an insurance claim is submitted due to loss or damage by a non-member, the non-member will be liable for paying the excess and/or sum insured if below excess.

Repair or Replacement of Club Gear

   1. A person responsible for gear loss may elect to: 

(a) Repair the damage (contributing to the cost of any materials required). The repair must be carried 

out to the satisfaction of (and within the time period specified by) the Committee Or; 

(b) Organise for the repair to be carried out by somebody else (professional or otherwise) and contribute towards the cost (labour and materials) of having this done. The repair must be carried out to the satisfaction of (and within the time period specified by) the committee or; 

(c) Contribute to the cost or replacing the item with equipment in a similar condition. The cost or 

replacement will be the amount listed in the clubs current valuation of club gear. 

   2. If the committee decides to replace the gear, regardless of the election of the person responsible, then the amount to be contributed shall be determined from the most recent valuation of the club gear or the insurance excess, whichever is the lesser. The person responsible shall pay or make arrangements to pay the agreed amount as soon as it is determined, regardless of whether the club purchases the equipment or not. 

   3. The committee has discretion to set the amount for replacing or repairing club gear to be contributed by the person responsible, at any level up to a maximum set by the current valuation of club gear or the insurance excess, whichever is the lesser.

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