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President's Report 2022

an adaption from the AGM

How do you summarize a year of adventures? What can you say to do these trips justice?

Do you describe the exhilaration as you ride the train of water down the rapid, occasionally upside down? Do you recount the many hours travelling in the car to rivers (at 2am if you’re named Ben Hocking)? What about the moments of laughter sitting around the campsite?

Or perhaps, you reflect on experiences shared, with friends new & old, strangers, and the occasional rock.

Welcome to the 2022 Auckland University Canoe Club AGM. This is where we look back on the past year and all that we have been privileged to experience. We also look to the future and the challenges that it may bring.

Firstly, I want to thank the exec members and instructors for contributing their time and effort to help AUCC this year. We should be proud of how we have handled the various challenges this past year. From having to cancel Fulljames, and instead travelling to ‘the Squeeze’ for our O-trip, to the rapidly and often ambiguous government restrictions with the Delta variant surging through our communities. We've pulled together to run a full calendar of successful trips, and we've started summer with lots of busy Wero Club nights with plenty of auccers passing g2 and g3 assessments! This November, we’ll be able to run Club Champs again and have thankfully gotten grant funding approved to stay at the Firmin lodge!!

How good are the beginners this year? From getting involved helping to pack the trailer to chipping to get the instructors a box of beers as thank you. I’ve personally found it incredibly rewarding seeing you all get involved this year and I hope many of you will keep coming back. I can’t forget the seconders and assistant instructors who help make every trip possible. Without your help and enthusiasm, AUCC would go nowhere. It has been amazing to watch the seconders and assistant instructors develop and grow and soon you will be the instructors leading these trips.

On a personal note, thanks to everyone this year for putting up with me, thanks for answering my many messages and for keeping me on track when things were uncertain. To the new committe members, don’t forget to ask each other for help. We’re all volunteers and we’re all in this together. Remember to look after yourself. Celebrate your successes and even more so support each other through your failures.

Thank you,

Isaac Teng

AUCC President 2021/22


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