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Club Champs

What's a canoe club without a little bit of competition? Club Champs is a fun, friendly annual competitive event which is aimed at all members no matter your experience. We already have plenty of fantastic sponsors lined up who have donated gear, vouchers, yummy food etc. Prizes will be awarded to not only the top individuals and teams but also to most improved paddlers, those with the best attitude, the most helpful people, volunteers etc. The club champs is going to take the form of 6 races over 2 days. The whole event will be held on the Grade 2 slalom rapid in Kawerau. Everybody will be put in a team of mixed ability. While there will be some friendly competition with the titles of top female and male paddler on the line, the focus is on fun so don’t be put off if you aren’t an ace or even if you’re yet to experience whitewater! It is going to be a very social event and we expect that most people who come will be keen and give everything a go! BBQ!


Testimony by Anonymous

'Club Champs'

Notoriously in the canoe club, you can expect any given task to occur two hours later than initially intended. Personified, the clubs middle name would be ‘faff’, or any other descriptor that takes you as far from punctuality as possible. If this doesn’t sound like your kind of deal, I would highly recommend club champs.

As efficient as you will ever see a group of whitewater fanatics, it is good for those of all skill levels. With the new Kawerau adventure hub, the commercial kitchen and facilities are probably the most spectacular you will see during your time with us.

Forced into a team of a mixed skill level, you work together in several different races to bring back honour and prizes. Raft races, time trials, endurance and a fun race of assorted kit and duct tape will determine whether your team will find itself crowned the team champion. In our team, we found ourselves dressed as fairies, and literally scrambling for the best fun race options.

Although we won the team spirit award, almost no one ended up without a prize. In previous years, we’ve managed to secure sponsorship from a variety of places, paddling and beyond. I walked away with some very nice kit that stays with me every time I’m on whitewater and reminds me of that amazing weekend in Kawerau.

Thanks guys!

- Anonymous

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