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Gear Hire

To fulfill our aim of supporting members to get on the river, AUCC owns and maintains an impressive fleet of specialied equipment, including eight rafts and over forty whitewater kayaks. Available for hire to club members at affordable rates, this fleet is managed by our dedicated Gear Shed Officers, who are the point of contact for any questions or requests regarding gear.


On club trips (where the AUCC trailer is loaded) gear hire will be coordinated by the trip organiser and payment included in the trip fee.

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Hireage Procedure

Applied to all use of club gear outside of AUCC trips where hireage is specified by the trip organiser.


  1.  Gear is requested with reasonable notice (3 days) via a form accessed on the AUCC website (

  2. Gear Shed Officers (GSOs) will request additional details if required.

  3. GSOs will determine hireage request and if approved provide a pickup time or access codes to the gear shed. If you are collecting for someone else, ensure the hireage is approved before collecting. Sending a request does not equal approval for gear hire. ** 

  4. On completion of hireage, hiree provides GSOs with notification (ideally via email) of gear return, prompt payment and and incidents over the period.

The Gear Hire Policy ( applies to all hireage, this sets out conditions and explains liability for damaged or lost gear.

Any break of practice will be logged and penalties or lockouts applied as deemed appropriate by the GSOs and committee.

** If extenuating circumstances mean additional gear is required at the last minute, please contact the GSOs directly. If the GSO cannot be reached, contact an exec member and they will check for gear availability and notify us of the additional gear movement. 

Club Gear for General Hire

  4 - Dagger Axioms (1 x Small, 2 x Medium, 1 x Large)

  4 - Dagger Mamba (2 x Small, 2 x Medium)

  2 - Dagger Phantom 

  2 - Liquidlogic Remixes (1 x Small, 1 x Medium)

  1 - Liquidlogic Stomper

  1 - Liquidlogic Braaap 69

  1 - Liquidlogic Freeride 

  2 - Pyranha Burns (1 x Small BII, 1 x Medium BIII)

  2 - Pyranha Z-Ones (1 x Small, 1 x Medium)

17 - Bliss-Stick Mystics & Mini-Mystics

  2 - Bliss-Stick Freestylers

  2 - Topo Duos

  1 - Jackson Dynamic Duo

12 - Assorted older and/or novelty kayaks

Plus paddles, personal flotation devices (PFDs), lifejackets, helmets, sprayskirts, safety equipment, and other goodies

Club Gear for Restricted Hire

(Additional Consideration)

  9 - Incept rafts of various sizes (Baby, Tigger, New Lady, Honey, Lola, Cherry, Lola, Cherry, Ruby, Roxanne...)

  1 - Braked Tandem Trailer

General Hire Prices

Kayaks** - $10 per day (member)
Rafting (seat)** - $20 per day per person (member)
Gear - $5 per day (member)

** all associated gear included

“Hire of gear for people who are non-members of the club is at the discretion of the gear shed officers.”

Restricted Hire Prices

Trailer - $30 per day

Raft - Context dependent. Contact GSOs.

Payment Methods


Please make prompt payment to:


Auckland University Canoe Club Inc. (AUCC)
ASB Bank


Make sure you provide a reference so we can easily identify payment. For example, your name and "GEAR".


Payment can also be made in cash to the trip organiser or gearshed officer.

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