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Auckland University Canoe Club

Whitewater kayaking and rafting

in New Zealand's most

beautiful places...

Resources & Links

The resource page is filled with lots of helpful resources ranging from learning how to roll, to more info about pool training and events, learning about the club culture, to lots of legal policy stuff, all under this page.

Resources & Information

The Public Library is an online archive containing things like river guides, maps, the constitution, safe operating plans, the gear hire policy, AGM meeting minutes, and various archived updates.

Member Code of Conduct

Behaviour which goes against our code will be addressed though appropriate interventions, regardless of severity. If you believe there has been behaviour which contravenes this Code, please reach out and report it though the complaint process

Videos on Learning to Roll
Trip Organizing

It’s not only your instructors and exec members that can organise trips. We welcome all club members (no matter the experience level) to organise a trip of their choosing. We’ll even give you all the help and support you need to ensure a smooth, safe and enjoyable trip. It isn’t as scary as it may seem!

Here is a guidebook to help you get started on planning a trip and a trip planning template that you'll need to fill out and get signed off by the River Vice President or River Safety Officer:

Other Information

River Information and flows
Whitewater New Zealand website: New Zealand River Beta (RiverGuide), events, resources, and more...
Environment Waikato: flow data for K Gorge
Environment Bay of Plenty: flow data for bay of plenty rivers
Genesis Energy: for flow data for the Tongariro
River Valley: Rangitikei


Other Whitewater Clubs
Hawkes Bay Canoe Club
Kaimai Canoe Club
Waikato Canoe Club
Whitewater Canoe Club (Christchurch)
Victoria University Canoe Club (VUCC)
University of Canterbury Canoe Club (UCCC)
Exeter University Canoe Club, because Exeter rocks and you have to go kayaking with the canoe club there if you're in the UK!


Safety Rescue and First Aid
Mountain Safety Council - Free downloads, buy books and survival equipment


Other NZ and Oz whitewater mag featuring news, updates, and pics.
Playak, Gives boat specs for almost any boat out there and has a sweet comparison function Cool instructional videos from Shane Benedict Some "how to playboat” instructional videos Urban dictionary definition for AUCC

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