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Trips & Events

You've stumbled across the Trips & Events page which hopefully means you're interested in what the club has to offer! Below you'll find information on the major events for the year ranging from action-packed trips to small kayak training sessions. Updated information on upcoming trips will be circulated on the email list and our Facebook & Instagram pages. Check out previous events on our Trip Reports page.

Petrol Costs: We rely on carpooling on most big events to get our members to and from the trip locations. Passengers will also have to pay a contribution to petrol for the driver as it is unfair for the generous drivers to pay their petrol costs by themselves. Therefore, the club policy is for passengers to contribute 2 parts passenger cost to 1 part driver cost (passenger : driver). 

For example, if a car has 3 passengers and 1 driver, and the total petrol cost for the trip is $140, the passengers would each pay $40, and the driver would pay $20. Ratio 2:2:2:1, (passenger 40 : passenger 40 : passenger 40 : driver 20).

Weekly Pool Training 2021-2022

Pool Training

Held every week Tuesday during semester from 7:00-8:30 pm at Northcote College pool. If picked up from Auckland University, meet at the Quad at 6:00 pm to be car-pooled there. Available to all, AUCC members or not, practice happens in an indoor pool. This is an excellent opportunity to learn basic kayaking skills from instructors, and work on essential kayaking techniques in the warmth and comfort of a heated pool. After every pool session, we'll head to a nearby pub to feed your hungry belly. It's a warm atmosphere, with plenty of drinks, dinner and casual chit chat amongst our little community of friendly kayakers - perfect chance to make some new friends and find out about upcoming events! 


Fees: $10 for pool session, and gold coin petrol fee to carpool drivers

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Upcoming Trips & Events 2021-2022

Welcome Weekend

7-8th March 2020 

Our first paddling event of the year! This year we've got two days of Auckland based paddling lined up. You'll have a chance to experience some whitewater, get a feel for a boat plus meet a HEAP of new people during the day and at Toga in the evening!

Toga Party

7th March 2020


Annual Toga Initiation! Secret location - details to be released soon! Bring a sheet and something to drink. Clothes underneath is optional... expect lots of mayhem.


13-15th March 2020 


Fulljames promises to be the biggest, wettest and wildest event of your uni year. Hundreds of keen kayakers and rafters descend on the awesome Fulljames rapid on the mighty Waikato River for whitewater, partying, and craziness galore! Friday witnesses a pub crawl down the country to Tāupo, followed by two days of whitewater and socialising. A great time for newbies and seasoned pros, Fulljames is not to be missed. 2020 Fulljames is Flowchella - festival themed! Costumes are mandatory!

Aniwhenua / Rangitaiki

27-29th March 2020


Come and kayak Aniwhenua, one of the best Grade 2 river sections in New Zealand, and receive quality time with instructors and seconders. And when you're all done kayaking, you can raft the Grade 4 Jeff's Joy rapid, which is part of a long wilderness section with plenty whitewater. This is our big beginners trip for the year, where the focus is on instruction and teaching heaps of valuable skills. For the pros, kayaking on Grade 3 and 4 is also planned. Free camping by the beautiful Lake Aniwhenua, good times all around. 


9-13th April 2020

Mohaka is one of AUCC's special trips to the remote and enchanting landscape of Hawkes Bay over Easter weekend. The trip is smaller in numbers than both Fulljames and Aniwhenua and offers Grade 2 to 4 kayaking and rafting. The river winds through massive gorges and boulder gardens and is a long weekend not to be missed! 


April 2020


Behold, the beautiful and lush Tongariro National Park is in sight, a UNESCO World Heritage area filled with exciting Grade 3 and 4 rafting and kayaking. The dam release doubles the flow of the river, turning it from a mellow float to an adrenaline-filled roller-coaster ride over 60 rapids. For beginners seeking to hit their adrenaline limits hurtling down icy whitewater in the hands of our trusty raft guides and new paddler buddies, Tongo is the trip for you! The Tongariro trip is mainly a rafting trip - kayaking is exclusive and for the experienced paddlers only.

Beginners Trip (Semester 1)

May 2020


Beginners Trip is held in Kawerau where we practice skills on a short Grade 2 section of the Tarawera river which also doubles as a slalom course. It's the perfect spot to practice catching tricky eddies, ferry gliding and so on without committing to a long river run. Instructors will teach you new river skills and you'll learn most of the river skills here that you would not be able to learn in pool training. Free hot pools in the evening and often a big family dinner too! 

Beginners Trip (Semester 2)

August 2020

Very similar to the Semester 1 trip! A great opportunity to develop skills and show what you've learned from pool trainings at Tarawera river. 

Tongariro (Winter)

September 2020

Just like Tongariro in April except more snow on the mountains and mulled wine in the evenings.

Club Champs

October 2020

An awesomely epic spectacular competition amongst AUCC!! Winners shall be showered in glory - pain is temporary, victory is eternal! Races for all skill levels, off river competitions and sweet prizes. Usually features a SWEET BoaterX ramp, big family dinner and groovy costumes. 

Vector Wero Rapids Festival

October 2020

Wero held the first Rapids Festival in 2019, jam packed with BoaterX racing, fun obstacles courses, hundreds of rubber ducks and a Build Your Own Raft comp! Stay tuned for details on the 2020 event. 

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