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President's Update: 12 Months Later

The AUCC community is incredibly special, and that's because of you, our members. A huge thanks to those who stepped up time and time again to make our year a success.

Here's a summary of our recent events!


- The biggest Tarawera trip I've been on, reaching 50 members, Kawerau has quickly become a main squeeze of AUCC. Running cleanly with only a few bruised bums from the hole. It was a huge effort from all our organisation and instructors. It was great to see everyone out and enjoying the WW on a sunny weekend.

Tree Planting:

- Driven by our awesome conservation officer, with almost 20 members AUCC paddled in to do it's part to protect the riparian environment on the Hoteo.


- Planned as a first experience of the unknown an, expeditionary environment, and she was a big one. Lines were made and others blown, progress was slower than expected and difficult decisions made. Despite groups walking out and others just sneaking in before dark, everyone was stoked, other than the accom as we rolled in two and a half hours after intended. A practice for Tongariro, Sunday was much quieter.

Girls Weekend:

- I wasn't invited. . . From what I've heard it was a great weekend developing confidence and skills.


- The sun came out in patches to thaw the winter release. The third and final release for the year, it was great to see the strong progression as members stepped up on the sections. Huge thanks to our instructors and guides which allowed us to get out on the water.

There are many more stories that won't fit here; ranging from dumping waves on east coast beaches to a party hole on the Mokau!

To look forward to?

First Aid Training:

- The last event for our existing Wet Team, funded and run to ensure that we can develop skill within the club. It's all about making sure that everyone gets on and off the water safely.

Club Champs

- Get fired up for some friendly competition!!! With five events across all disciplines pushing your skills to succeed.

The 2020 Exec

- It won't be long before you hear more on what's to come!

Notable Firsts!

Bron - First A14!

Nic, Franz and Dan - First A10!

Lou, Maurycy, Lily, Mia, Alicia, the Andrews, Isaac and so many more - Crushing it out there

Notable Swims!

With a relatively clean beginners it was down to the central NI to bring the final swims for the year and it definitely provided some notable ones. On a long cold and remote run, the Whangaehu, Dan got off line and took a soft swim. After looking at the options I got him back in where we were, right above a chunky hole. Dropping out and blowing the ferry the absolute champ then took a real working throwing ends and carping rolls. The next day Sasha then showed me how easy it was to break out across the bottom of a rapid, or not! Punishing is a great way to describe getting waterboarded against a wall for seven roll attempts before then clinging to a wall for 10min. The kicker is it was G2 on the Tongariro.

See you out there,


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