The club gallery is where the memories of our past events live on throughout our site for future generations and club members to see and admire. All of the images and videos displayed are from AUCC's own exclusive events taken from our club members. Very photogenic images are uploaded here as well! Who knows, it could be yours.

Auckland University Canoe Club

Whitewater kayaking and rafting

in New Zealand's most

beautiful places...

Video Highlights

Beginners, don't be scared. These videos are not beginner trips.

AUCC goes to Kaituna
AUCC goes to Waitawheta
AUCC goes to Tongariro A10

AUCC is a whitewater club affiliated to the University of Auckland. We are one of the oldest canoe clubs in New Zealand, tracing our history back to 1949.

Incorporated Society Registration Number 222220. Charity Registration Number CC53093.

2017 Runner-up Sports club of the year

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