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Site Update Log

Website designed by Harry Shin - 2017 Media Officer - Note: If you have any queries about the site or need any help with maintenance, email

Big updates done at crossover of 2019 exec to 2020 by Louise Piggin (2020 Media Officer) - contact if any questions.

- Updated pictures across website & gallery

- Updated new exec members on Contact Us

- Hidden blog posts & posted new one 

- Updated new logo on all pages 

- Fulljames 2020 page updated

Ongoing Updates by Media Officers 21/22, Toni Schollum and Luke Carpenter....

13/03/2017 - Removed O'week special. Offer expired

27/02/2017 - Added O'week special pricing limited offer in signups page. from ($30 $50) to ($20 $40)

26/02/2017 - Changed slogan from "Travelling New Zealand's North and South Islands for an amazing kayaking and rafting experience".

25/02/2017 - Fixed inconsistent fonts, changed display header for mobile version to a cleaner and smaller look.

24/02/2017 - Officially launched new revamped website.

Lots of event changes etc

10/10/2017 - Events unhidden for 2018

13/10/2017 - Fixed bug in swim chart

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